Helpful Tips for Taking Photos


Your child superimposed in a picture next to The Easter Bunny! 

Tips when taking your child's photo: 

  • It works best with one or two children, three at most. Sitting on the edge of a chair or couch. 
  • Make sure the photo is bright. 
  • Take photo outside or near a window. 
  • Window must NOT be behind children. 
  • Get Down to eye level when taking the photo. 
  • For Babies/toddlers. Make sure they are sitting on a floor against something or sitting right back on a couch. Get down to eye level. Bright lighting from one side eg. A window in Daylight. 

  • Choose a setting with plenty of light, ideally natural sunlight
  • Try to get your children facing the light source (and towards the camera) to ensure their beautiful faces are illuminated!
  • Photos taken on your phone may be high enough quality depending on the model you have. Just make sure to clean/wipe your lens before taking the photo!
  • Make sure there is enough space on either side of your child/children subjects in case the photo needs to be cropped to fit into the frame.
  • Have someone stand behind you (the photographer) to help get children’s attention while you focus on taking the picture. For example, someone can be making funny faces or waving. 😊
  • Can be landscape or portrait.

After submitting your order, we will let you know if there are any issues with your photo (ie low resolution, too dark) and will help you to choose or take a photo that will work better!